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Hi, I'm Alanah Fahey

I am a high-spirited and adventurous designer, finding inspiration wherever I go. I enjoy sightseeing and doing new activities around my city. Seeing how people in the past and present blend together through architecture, art, and nature keeps me thinking through everlasting design aesthetics. This inspires me to exaggerate nature and interconnectedness through exciting vibrant color palettes and symbolism. I know that all good creations come from a fine blend of ideas and sources, which is why I use mixed media and branch out to watercolor or handmade patterns as solutions to my digital designs. 

Over the past 5 years I have built my portfolio and enhanced my problem solving skills while designing in college and collaborating with peers. During this time I mostly created layouts, branding, and illustrations, but I have worked with animating and building website designs as well. The experience I have also makes me eager to collaborate and spread my ideas. As a designer, my purpose overall is to unite people and evoke creativity in an evolving society by providing fresh branding alternatives.

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Soar Sister

Navigating the world during your pre-teen and teen years is crucial for building your personality, beliefs, skills, and friendships. We have either been through it already or know someone who is in middle school or highschool currently. With my sister in mind and a bittersweet feeling for her growing up quickly, I wanted to spend some time thinking about how to help her through these years. 


The Soar Sister campaign is a series of posters, products, and a short book that provides life tips for young girls in a vibrant illustrative style that uses mixed media and textures. With this campaign, I hope to inspire older sisters to use their personal experiences for influencing and bonding as well.

See more of this project here.

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