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Hi, I'm
Anayeli Leyva Chavez

I'm an enthusiastic graphic designer specializing in branding and editorial design. My journey was sparked by my profound love for reading, particularly immersing myself in the imaginative world of storytelling. Within the pages of these books, I discovered the power of storytelling, igniting my creative spark and driving me toward graphic design.


Drawing inspiration from browsing through bookstores and my Hispanic culture, I blend typography and photography in my work, creating narratives that resonate emotionally. Each project I undertake is an opportunity for storytelling, where I strive to craft designs that captivate the eye, evoke action, and foster meaningful connections.


In essence, my graphic design is an extension of myself—a reflection of my curiosity, creativity, and dedication to eliciting emotional responses and inspiring memorable experiences.

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This book, named “CAPSY,” is a unique exploration of the often overlooked aspect of the immigrant journey—their mental health. Through insightful narratives, it unveils the distinct challenges faced by immigrants, from family sacrifices, fear of deportation by unraveling the intricate layers of their experience. Delving into these stories, we witness the strength, courage, and resilience of those who have crossed borders in pursuit of a better life.

See more of this project here.

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