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Hi, I'm Brynne Qualley

As a graphic designer and image maker, my work is inspired by the organic forms of natural life. The main forms that have found their way into my practice include variations of wings, eyes, clouds, sea life, and rock formations. I immerse myself in the creative journey by establishing personal connections to the essence of each design. Collaboration is my priority by partnering with organizations to refine target audiences and advocate for a culture of constructive feedback. I invest in UX/UI design by conducting surveys, researching pain points, wireframing, and prototyping. What sets my work apart is the seamless fusion of multimedia by combining printmaking and graphic design. Vibrant, playful colors are used to attract the viewers’ attention and, depending on the design, merge inorganic colors with organic-inspired illustrations.

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Peak Partner

Peak Partner is a multipurpose app meant to equip indoor rock climbers of all levels with an organized space to connect with the climbing community. They will be able to connect with new and experienced climbers in their area, easily schedule climbing sessions, join fun challenges, and keep track of their progress through the logbook. 

See more of this project here.

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