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Hi, I'm Clare Wootten

I am always on a mission to make my work fun: if you smile, chuckle, or feel good inside when you look at it, then I've done my job. I enjoy combining branding and typography to create engaging identities for packaging. Animating brand assets and utilizing my photography allows me to take projects to the next level. I also want to cater to my target audience and be a voice for those with disabilities and queer individuals. My detail-oriented nature guides me in crafting unique pieces that have a personality all their own. No two projects are alike – each one comes with different parameters, and I have fun giving them distinct characteristics. Throughout my process, I spend hefty amounts of time doing research and gathering inspiration to ensure that I have a good foundation. Once the research is complete, I dive into digital or physical work and usually end up combining the two. This is where I begin drafting logomarks and all the magic starts to happen. I won’t stop until I’ve created something that I can be proud of. My strong work ethic helps me come up with original ideas, perfecting every last bit of detail. I aim to make work that really knocks your socks off.

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This project is dedicated to my dog Gertie and her sound phobia. I created a brand system and custom care boxes that cater to various dog related issues including anxiety. It was my hope that a solution like this would help Gertie and other dogs who face the same problem. Plus it would give dog owners peace of mind.

See more of this project here.

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