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Hi, I'm Duan Bills

Captivated by art and visual communication from a young age, I have made it my mission to take my own creative visions and bring them to life with design, animation, and illustration. Sunday comics and cartoons from the early 2000s greatly influence my work, inspiring me to infuse everything I craft with a similar charm and youthful vigor. For me, every project is an opportunity to produce something unexpected and “woah”-inducing. Utilizing hand-drawn illustrations, alluring characters, and vibrant colors is my preferred method of leaving an impression. These traditional techniques are then blended with sleek digital aesthetics to produce modern and engaging designs. With technology and the creative world continuously growing, it’s essential that I keep an open mind and continue to expand my skills as these different mediums evolve. Unbound ideas are what yield truly captivating works of art, and I constantly aim to design in a way that packs a punch and leaves you inspired.

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Screen Savers

With the internet expanding day by day, it is easy to fall behind on information pertaining to cyber safety. Gen Z, despite being large participants in online activity, statistically is not as informed about how to stay safe online. 


My campaign, Screen Savers is a digital guide providing videos and other resources to give tidbits of information about internet safety. With fun visuals and an illustrative style, my project aims to make learning about internet safety a bit more entertaining. 

See more of this project here.

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