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Hi, I'm Geoffery Walker

When’s the last time you tried something new? As an adaptable graphic designer and animator, I am fueled by avid curiosity to explore different techniques, styles, and mediums. While exploring the unknown, one choice of mine remains the same: I love to use vibrant colors that add to the whimsical and fun emotions I convey in my designs. Using color and illustration, I produce playful, eye-catching, and witty projects. Consistently, I infuse my work with a profound sense of wonder through texture and illustration, captivating and inspiring all who encounter it to try their hand at it themselves.


Collaboration also plays a big role in my inspiration and growth as a motion designer. Learning from my peers and other designers has helped me bring smoother, more dynamic, eye-catching motion graphics to life. Working in teams has also strengthened my problem-solving skills and helped me learn to build innovative solutions. I eagerly embrace the exploration of new ideas and the experimentation with unconventional concepts because of collaboration. Where would the design world be without trying some new things and interacting with fresh perspectives?

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ADHD Now You Know

ADHD is commonly misunderstood and it can be confusing to differentiate between facts and myths. ADHD Now You Know is an advertising campaign built to help spread knowledge and awareness about what ADHD is through animations on social media. 


The campaign strives to help everyone learn the facts about ADHD through fun, humorous, and intriguing animations. These animations help the topic feel more approachable and they can be great conversation starters.

See more of this project here. 

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