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Hi, I'm Immanuel Turner

As a graphic designer and motion designer, I am wholeheartedly devoted to the beauty of simplicity and the power of minimalism. With a good eye for clean lines, balanced compositions, and purposeful negative space, I strive to create designs that speak volumes through their thought-out beauty. I develop designs with the intention of using real-life issues as a language to communicate complex ideas and emotions. By thoughtfully selecting every detail, I aim to create designs that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impression on viewers. But here's where the excitement peaks: I add motion seamlessly into my work, breathing life into static visuals and adding a layer that captivates and engages viewers.  Through minimalist design and motion, I aim to spark emotions, birth curiosity, and leave a lasting impression that exceeds the ordinary.

As a graphic and motion maestro, I don't just design; I lead the charge. I strive to rally both clients and fellow designers around a shared vision, birthing every project with energy and purpose. Collaborating seamlessly, I inspire fresh ideas, and elevate our creativity to new heights, putting together designs that create new trends in the design industry.

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Fountify is the gateway to the King James Bible and a community of fellow believers. Dive into scripture and connect with like-minded Christians seamlessly, all in one app. This app not only aids in your walk with God, but provides an easier look at the King James bible to help Christians study the Word of God.


See more of this project here. 

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