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Hi, I'm Kristen Nelson

Throughout my graphic design journey, I have sharpened my skills in creating expressive visuals by immersing myself in the art and science of visual communication. Balancing complexity with contemporary craft, I create engaging and intentional designs using a bold mix of organic yet modern vector graphics and handmade components. I love finding inspiration from Japanese graphic designers, new and old. Using analog techniques, such as illustrating with charcoal, wax pencils, ink, and printmaking is a way I elevate my vector designs and add texture and depth to the concept. Within many pieces of my work, you can also find repurposed images from a variety of places.

Each project is a complex yet conceptually delicate statement, revealing a commitment to meaningful and visually compelling storytelling. Sometimes my stories speak seriously for the underrepresented and other times I enjoy cracking a joke. My process always begins with identifying the intended audience and doing extensive research. This part is most important before carefully blending myself into the task. When I’m not working on a project, you can usually catch me playing with my three dogs or record shopping!

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Path of Totality

Path of Totality is a campaign and kit to educate, inspire, and unite people of all ages in the awe-inspiring phenomenon of a total solar eclipse.

See more or this project here.

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