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Hi, I'm Lauren Poitras

Hello, I’m Lauren, an avid manga reader and movie watcher from St. Louis. What began as obsessive doodles in my childhood developed into the pursuit of a career in design as an adult. I earned my BA in Studio Art at Webster University and gained experience in the field as a designer, because of this I then decided to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri - St. Louis to elevate my career. When it comes to design, I have a knack for typography and making print materials pop with high contrast, eye-catching colors. I enjoy telling a visual story with the elements I have got on hand. I have a sketchy hand drawn style that emphasizes layering and facilitates a refreshing contrast of features against high vector digital imagery. I approach each project by digging deep, doing diligent research, and refining until I acquire something truly impactful. My goal is to construct an emotional bond between the designer and the client, then carry that connection right through to the audience. Communication and collaboration are key to me. At the core of a strong design product is a healthy dialogue between the client, designer, and their team. This harmony is where we all find opportunities to grow our businesses together - that’s where the magic happens.

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Perception Typeface

Perception is an experimental typeface grounded in music, poetry, and abstraction that can be used across all mediums and in a variety of design situations. It exists as a visual depiction of the cycle of dementia and cognitive decline that challenges the nuance in communication and understanding.

See more of this project here.

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