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Hi, I'm MacKayla Foutch

I’m an energetic graphic designer who specializes in branding and illustration.  In 2024, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. My creative journey is fueled by daily encounters with fellow artists, designers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to help bring a fresh perspective into my work. This is extremely important to me as a designer. These inspirations help expand my desire to push the boundaries of design, striving to leave a unique imprint on those who encounter my work.


My artistic style is characterized by vibrant colors and expressive elements, aiming to captivate and engage viewers. As a designer, I take a hands-on approach using mixed media techniques to craft textures and design assets that bring life to my designs. These distinct qualities enable me to create striking, bold designs that impact the viewer and often spark conversation and connection.

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Pure Glow

Pure Glow is based upon creating a campaign, as well as a community, for individuals who currently struggle with an assortment of skin difficulties and low confidence in their natural beauty. This is achieved through explorations with mixed media assets and color used for promotional images. These images promote texture, realness, and artistic flair.  The goal for a brand is to boost self esteem, show the viewer they are not alone, and allow the individuals to find confidence within themselves with a community of others.

See more of this project here.

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