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Hi, I'm Nino Cipriano

I am a Saint Louis based designer and animator with a love for weird and experimental illustrations. This has led me to explore traditional mediums such as printmaking, pen drawings and watercolor. My work is bold, colorful, and greatly inspired by psychedelic art and music. My eye for motion has allowed me to create flowy animations that are smooth and satisfying to watch on a loop.


When I’m not designing, you’d likely catch me at the skatepark or playing guitar. When it’s nice weather, I’m likely skating at one of the local skateparks or downhill longboarding in Saint Charles main street. I play a lot of instruments, my main instruments being guitar, drums and keyboard.

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Unplug Campaign

Modern day youth spend too much time on their phones, TV, and computers instead of going outside and being active. This can lead to physical, mental, and social problems.

My goal is to create a social campaign to reach teens through PSAs and posts to encourage them to disconnect from tech and go outside and skateboard.

See more of this project here.

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