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Hi, I'm Sophie Skroska

I am a storyteller first, and a designer second. As someone who harbored a deep passion for creative writing from a young age, and with a background in film and video production, I apply the lessons I learned from these crafts to my designs. First and foremost I ask myself: what is the story of this project? What do I want the audience to feel, to take away from viewing this? While I bounce between vector-based illustration, collage, and hand-drawn techniques, my first concern is always: what serves the story? How can I bring these concepts to life?


I take a heavy research-based approach to find the answers to these questions, looking at historical solutions and finding ways to put modern spins on classical concepts (whether that be taking inspiration from German Expressionism for a modern film poster, or finding a way to bring the mosaic art of Pompeii alive in a mobile game).


But my greatest passion in design is animation, a true blend of my film background and current design work. I love bringing these designs to life via motion. Most of all, it brings me joy to find the overlap between my passions for both design and film. I firmly believe that no skillset is wasted in design, and I seek to bring my unique history and perspective to every project I tackle.

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“Crashical” is your crash course to opera! It is a short animated feature, inspired by School House Rock and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, intended to teach fourth and fifth graders about an art form they might otherwise find inaccessible.

See more of this project here.

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